Dear Friends,

If I am honest the past few months have been hard. I have learnt a lot about walking by faith and not by sight. There have been times when I just didn’t understand why situations turned out like they did. It didn’t make sense to me. This was when I had to dig deep into God’s word, His truth and sometimes all I was able to do was to hold to the fact the He is in control and that I had to trust. Taking a step at a time, unsure at times what would happen next, I am so utterly grateful for God’s faithfulness in all circumstances.

Through it all there have been times of joy and celebration for which I am thankful. I am grateful that I have growing friendships in Arequipa. Most Saturdays I have a relaxed lunch with 3 or 4 friends; friends who keep me grounded and with whom I can be honest with and have fun with. Thank you for your prayers for friendships, they are being answered.

In July, we celebrated Peruvian Independence Day. It is a legal requirement to fly the Peruvian flag from your building on Independence Day so the streets became lined with red and white flags, banners and streamers. Parades, fireworks and celebrations were had by all over the days of celebrations. I have to say I enjoyed having a long weekend to rest and spend time with friends.

The Step Team  have come and gone (photos above). Their time in Peru seemed to go by in a flash. They helped with construction work, running a children’s club and in various different church and outreach events. It was lovely to hear from the team at the end of their time how they had learnt from those they met, what they had learnt about themselves and God during their time in Peru. It was also an encouragement to hear from Juan Carlos, the pastor and project director, how the team had shared their lives and loved those they came to work alongside and serve.

Part of my role as Short Term Coordinator involves meeting up with pastors and directors of projects as I look for potential placements and assignments that our Striders and Step Teams could become involved in. It is such a pleasure to meet these people, to hear about their lives and how they are involved in building God’s kingdom. I also meet with our current Strider’s work supervisors, the people who support the Striders in the work aspect of their placement. It is a privilege to get to know these people, to hear from them and work together with them so that the Striders are supported, encouraged and nurtured in the best way possible.

Photos: With Karen, Regional Director for AGEUP. Margo and Eduardo, Striders working in Lima

This week I am in Lima and am involved in leadership meetings. The meetings are over two intense days. Please pray with us as we make decisions and discuss a variety of topics.

This week also sees me saying goodbye to Fiona, one of the first Striders I welcomed to Peru back in January. I will be meeting up with her before she leaves to talk about her time in Peru and to help her as she prepares to return to her ‘home’ country. I will also get the chance to catch up with the Striders based in Lima and some friends.

Thank you for all your support and interest, shown in so many different ways. Thank you.


God’s steadfast faithfulness

The many moments of joy and fun with friends in Peru

For a great and supportive Latin Link family


For continued wisdom and guidance as I support our Striders

For continued improvement in my Spanish

For the preparation and organisation of new placements

About Hannah

I am the Latin Link Short Term Coordiantor (STC) for Peru. The STC coordinates the Step (teams) and Stride (people) programmes, placing them in projects lasting from a few weeks to two years. Now based in Lima, I will be getting involved in a local church and my local community.

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